That dreaded blank page. How to create compelling content… every time!

You know that niggling-annoying-knowing of having to create content, but gragh! the thought just makes you tense and uncomfortable?

Well, I talk about 3 ways to make content creation easier, even enjoyable! I tell you how to tackle it from an icky-sales-free angle, and how to generate LOADS of ideas once you know that icky-sales-free angle.

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3 ways people waste energy on marketing that doesn’t work

I’m speaking from experience. Actually, I only speak from experience!

I’ve wasted a lot of energy figuring out what doesn’t work in marketing. But the benefit to this is I eventually learned what DOES work (and now I know what to avoid too!).

Follow the link below and listen to three common energy-wasting habits that you might share too! You’ll learn strategies to counteract and save you time in turn maximising your marketing output to help move your business forward.

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2021 Kickstart with a recap of 2020’s marketing best bits

Hello, 2021! What will you carry over from 2020!?… all I hope for is we take the best bits to shape a better world moving forward… and leave the crappy bits in a time capsule — only to learn from.

Just like I took the best bits from Brand Camp 2020 to help kick start 2021. You can listen to Shane and me recap all the marketing goodness here:

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Getting over your fear of showing your work

In my workflow: designing, creating and making

When we care so much about this thing we’ve made, it can be really hard to show what we’ve done to other people.

This was me for many, many years as a creator, designer, illustrator and maker. I couldn’t get out of my head. My work was an extension of me and the fear of revealing it crippled my first business.

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Batch it, baby! Rescue your time back.

Batch it and rescue your time back.

One of the biggest pain points I hear from business owners is marketing is so so time-consuming.

And I get it. I’ve had my own clothing label and did the work of ten (wo)men designing, sampling and running the actual business. The thought of marketing on top of all that was overwhelming! Where would I possibly find the time for marketing let alone being strategic and creative about it? … And actually, I didn’t, my attempts were appalling!

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How to Avoid Marketing Overwhelm.

Avoid marketing overwhelm: Your brand strategy is your marketing GPS

You’re finally on holidays! Yay! and you’ve decided to head up north on a road trip to the tropical FNQ.

You have the ultimate set up:
Top of the line Jayco
Food, water, music, games, bathers, beach umbrella, beers on ice, you get the picture.

You’re basically set up for glamping in the sun on the beach without any worries in the world.

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Your Magic Marketing Words: What are they & how to find them.

Your magic marketing words: What are they & how to find them.

Imagine you’ve decided to take up cycling. You’re feeling pretty excited to hit the open road, feel the fresh air on your face and get into shape. The only thing is you don’t have a bike.

Your local bike salesman is pretty excited about your decision too and launches into the amazing features about the road bike he’s pointed out: “This one has a lightweight OCLV Carbon frame with front and rear IsoSpeed, a full Shimano Ultegra drive train, high-quality wheels and hydraulic disc brakes…”


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Marketing is like courting someone before you propose marriage.

When a stranger asks you to marry them “Say Wah?!”

Marketing is like courting someone before you propose marriage.

Imagine meeting someone for the first time and they asked straight up “Will you marry me?”. You’d likely say no, right? Maybe not, but I assume no. (And if you’re anything like me you’d turn on your heal and run over the hills and far, far away!)

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