Marketing is overwhelming until it’s not.

My Children’s wear label, Red Chalk.

Marketing is overwhelming until it’s not. You have everything you need to make it work.

Back when I had my children’s wear label, Red Chalk, I did everything wrong. It was my first attempt at having my own business and I mean I did everything wrong.

  • I took out a loan for the production
  • I created the collection without speaking to one customer
  • I didn’t consider delivery dates
  • I didn’t have any policies or systems in place
  • I made too many design options
  • I didn’t have a budget or know my margins
  • I made too much stock
  • And the list goes on as long as a toilet roll

I had NO idea what I was doing let alone know how to market myself. Flying by the seat of my pants was my style and I believed Red Chalk would sell itself if I could just reach enough people.

Clearly, I was arrogant mixed with no idea sprinkled with some fear too.

I dreaded everything outside the creating process; posting on socials, filling orders, speaking to customers you name it I dreaded it. I even neglected to answer customer emails. Pfft! Who’d have thought you needed customers!?

But I loved creating so I pushed through.

In hindsight, I was stuck in my own head. I couldn’t separate myself from my product. This made the business and selling process overwhelming (or chaotic in my case!)

Had I realised I had everything I needed in front of me I could have developed a sustainable business little by little without the overwhelm.

What I know now; marketing is overwhelming until it’s not.

You don’t need a huge audience, you just need to find your corner of the market and nurture the people who adore what you do.

You already have what you need:

  • Your current customers
  • Your existing relationships
  • Your existing product
  • Give yourself permission to love what’s in front of you

I talk about this on Brand Camp, my radio segment on West Bremer Radio with Shane Mallory, Drivetime. Listen below to hear what we had to say.


P.S. There are a few more moving parts to sustaining business (something else I learned which you can read about here..) like identifying who your audience is, solving a problem, pulling them towards a desire, understanding your unique point of difference, the language your customers speak and a few other key elements…

If you’re stuck and need help working out your business cogs, I have created actionable projects to help you get into the right marketing gear. Check out Marketing Little By Little and be on your way.

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