Your Magic Marketing Words: What are they & how to find them.

Your magic marketing words: What are they & how to find them.

Imagine you’ve decided to take up cycling. You’re feeling pretty excited to hit the open road, feel the fresh air on your face and get into shape. The only thing is you don’t have a bike.

Your local bike salesman is pretty excited about your decision too and launches into the amazing features about the road bike he’s pointed out: “This one has a lightweight OCLV Carbon frame with front and rear IsoSpeed, a full Shimano Ultegra drive train, high-quality wheels and hydraulic disc brakes…”


You have no idea what he’s talking about so instead of feeling excited you turn on your heel and take up running instead.

Even though an OCLV Carbon frame might be meaningful to the salesman or an expert, anyone else would likely be confused.

As business owners, we can have something called the curse of knowledge. This means we know our products so well that the words we apply to them are meaningless to others and in turn becomes insider knowledge. So rather than being informative, we are inadvertently confusing those we’re trying to help.

To find out what resonates as meaningful to your customers, let’s look at someone like Donald Trump who, in my opinion, is the master of speaking the same language as his audience to pull them in and build a following of raving fans.

Master it like Trump

I fiercely disagree with most things Trump does but I marvel at his use of language. He’s clearly done his homework and knows his audience well.

  • He uses simple vocabulary so more people can understand
  • The phrases and expression he uses can be understood by kids
  • His derogatory humour makes his audience feel part of a tribe because they’re in on the joke.

A sign of a good salesman.

Let’s look at how you too can use this in your marketing (for the greater good)

Your magic marketing words: What are they & how to find them?

1. Where to Mine for Your Magic Words

Customer conversations.
Keep an ear to the ground when you’re speaking to your customers on the phone or face to face

Ask your audience to describe what you do, “I know what I do but how do you describe what I do?”

Scan the comments on your socials and your competitors.
Use your comments and captions to start a conversation with your audience to get their advice.

2. Keep it Handy

Keep a living document where you can dump all the goodness comes to you through ideas and feedback such as:

  • Words
  • Comments
  • Testimonials
  • Quotes
  • Ideas

Make it your list of DO’s and DON’T’s to use in your marketing copy so you can:

  • Refer to it each time you write content
  • For your staff to review and use in conversations and writing
  • Create a procedure document for training new employees

3. The Power of Language

Like Trump, use the vocabulary of your customer’s to resonate with future customers.

Then Update your:

  • Conversational vocabulary 
  • Website
  • Socials content 
  • Sales copy
  • Promotions
  • Emails

It’s a simple and clever way to connect with new and existing customers without confusing them with insider language. Use it in your messaging to help leverage your brand communication. Once you know your magic marketing words learn how to apply them to your marketing strategy. Now you will pack a punch in your sales!


P.S. If you love learning about better marketing but need help getting results faster in your business, I have condensed my 20 tears of brand and marketing know-how into easy to do projects. They are designed to create clear brand communicate to pull in your ideal customers to work with you. And I am at the end of an email if you need assistance!

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