3 brilliant alternatives to giving discounts

When someone asks for a discount does it suck your soul dry? If so try these 3 brilliant alternatives to giving discounts (which your customers & ego will love!)

When someone asks me for a discount I be like..

As if setting up a small business and calculating your rates is not hard enough without encountering an even greater challenge; the dreaded request for a discount.

You know that feeling; you gel with a client, they love your work, you’re excited to help them, you create rapport, they feel good about moving forward and then… they ask for a discount.

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Nori’s Story

Nori and friend Kate in her ceramics studio, Julatten, Queensland

Nori’s place is in the lush Daintree near Port Douglas. It’s secluded and the kind of place where the air is heavy and damp but clean and sweet. On her property, you would find peacocks, horse, geese, dogs, lizards, and a myriad of other native animals. Nori spends much of her time in her studio where she makes beautiful and practical ceramics which she sells through a high end boutique as well as taking them to the local market once per week.

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Six steps to kick-start your business

The first six steps to helping you quickly kick-start to becoming an expert in your field and launch a new business on Wiserr:

1. Own it.
Everyone is an expert at something. I truly believe this. The problem is that we are unaware of it—or take it for granted because it’s second nature. The key is to discover it and step into it. What is your expertise?

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