Your Magic Marketing Words: What are they & how to find them.

Your magic marketing words: What are they & how to find them.

Imagine you’ve decided to take up cycling. You’re feeling pretty excited to hit the open road, feel the fresh air on your face and get into shape. The only thing is you don’t have a bike.

Your local bike salesman is pretty excited about your decision too and launches into the amazing features about the road bike he’s pointed out: “This one has a lightweight OCLV Carbon frame with front and rear IsoSpeed, a full Shimano Ultegra drive train, high-quality wheels and hydraulic disc brakes…”


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Marketing is like courting someone before you propose marriage.

When a stranger asks you to marry them “Say Wah?!”

Marketing is like courting someone before you propose marriage.

Imagine meeting someone for the first time and they asked straight up “Will you marry me?”. You’d likely say no, right? Maybe not, but I assume no. (And if you’re anything like me you’d turn on your heal and run over the hills and far, far away!)

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3 brilliant alternatives to giving discounts

When someone asks for a discount does it suck your soul dry? If so try these 3 brilliant alternatives to giving discounts (which your customers & ego will love!)

When someone asks me for a discount I be like..

As if setting up a small business and calculating your rates is not hard enough without encountering an even greater challenge; the dreaded request for a discount.

You know that feeling; you gel with a client, they love your work, you’re excited to help them, you create rapport, they feel good about moving forward and then… they ask for a discount.

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Wishes take Work

Written by Jo Shambler, Career Management

I’ve recently been reflecting on the things that I have wished for in my life (big and small). Some of those things have happened and some haven’t. Perhaps in the back of my mind, I had a perspective that miraculously, if I simply wished for something, or wished for it hard enough, it would happen. I’ve often got hung up on putting emotional energy into the wishes that haven’t come true and were never likely to and here’s where my logical mind says remember “the late great Stephen Covey and his Circle of Influence” – I can’t control everything in my life.

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Preparing for the legal ups and downs with Shalini

Written and Contributed by Shalini Nandan-Singh, Lawyer

The first five years of business is a rollercoaster is an understatement! To the truly committed solopreneur it’s like giving birth all over again- so much to learn and do, information overload and much uncertainty about legals – the important documents or processes you need to have in place when you start out. 

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