Six steps to kick-start your business

The first six steps to helping you quickly kick-start to becoming an expert in your field and launch a new business on Wiserr:

1. Own it.
Everyone is an expert at something. I truly believe this. The problem is that we are unaware of it—or take it for granted because it’s second nature. The key is to discover it and step into it. What is your expertise? If you’re in denial about your expertise, ask someone who knows you “What am I great at” or even better- what can you talk about endlessly on a Saturday night?
Once you realise what your something it, hone it- read books, watch youtube, seek mentors, invest in seminars, podcasts, just go nuts and own it.

2. Believe it.
Now that you have acknowledged your expertise, say it out loud:
o “I am a business coach.”
o “I am an illustrator.”
o “I am a marketing expert.”
Whatever it is, speaking it is the first step in realising it. In addition, put it on your business card, your Wiserr profile, your website, on your official bio and say it conversation.

3. Share it.
Your expertise is a gift and it would be rude not to share it with the world. Be creative or traditional in the way you express it. There’s a thousand different ways: Teach and freelance through Wiserr, create a blog, a podcast, a speech, an online course, coaching, consulting, etc. The important thing is to offer it up for the benefit of others by adding value to their lives.

4. Confirm it.
Ultimately, the proof of your expertise is in helping others achieve the results they want to achieve. Once this happens, you want to ask for their endorsements as third party validation. These could be in the form of testimonials, customer reviews, or case studies. These very quickly become a valuable source of credibility.

5. Sell it.
Nothing gives you more kudos than publishing or producing products that flow from your expertise. Books do this, of course, but so do e-books, online courses, webinars, keynote speeches, and coaching programs. In addition, they help fund your growth so you can reach even more people.
By becoming an expert in your field, people will trust what you have to stay and seek your authority as an effective leader.

6. Wise up
And of course build your Wiserr profile! Connect directly with your customers. Build your business of unique services only YOU can offer. Trial new income streams and entrepreneurial ideas based around your time. This is a place where you run the show. Be active on your socials. The more you talk about what you do, what you offer, how you can help, the more interest you will get. Ask friends to share and link it back to your Wiserr page so they can book you.

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